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Headquartered in Gatineau, Quebec Canada, the team of professionals at Detec is committed to assisting with the improvement of radiation protection and monitoring standards worldwide. Over the past twenty years, Detec has worked alongside universities, national laboratories, private industry, and government agencys providing solutions  to diverse radiation related projects.


About Our President

Jacques Dubeau's passion for radiation technology dates back to 1983 when, as an undergraduate, he worked at the Nuclear Medicine department of McMaster University and then at the Ionizing Radiation Standards Laboratory of NRC (Ottawa).

After completing his M.Sc. at McGill University in nuclear structure studies using lasers, J. Dubeau performed his Ph.D. research on a totally new type of particle detectors based on solar cell solid state material. These devices were designed and built by J. Dubeau and co-workers at the renowned Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau (Paris, France). 

The devices were brought back to U. de Montreal where J. Dubeau tested them with the particle beams available at the university's accelerator laboratory. The devices exhibited a new type of radiation response which J. Dubeau was able to reproduce in parallel computer simulations, calling upon both radiation effects and solid state physics.

After a 3 year stint in industry working on solid state dosimetry systems and Radon gas detectors, J. Dubeau returned to academic research as a research associate at the Centre for Research in Particle Physics (Carleton University, Ottawa). He was part of cutting edge research into high position resolution particle tracking detectors being developed, at the time, as part of Canada's contribution to the upcoming Superconducting SuperCollider (SSC). It is during this 7 year tenure that J. Dubeau realized that many devices, developed for particle physics, and the computer modeling tools used to design them, could find applications in the "civilian" world. Thus, in parallel with his research, J. Dubeau started in 1994 to actively promote the applications of high resolution gas filled detectors, called MSGC and GEM, for dosimetry and medical imaging applications. This led to the development of a prototype digital X-ray system, a neutron microdosimeter and a radionuclide discriminating tritium-in-air detector.

J. Dubeau also started to use the computing tools for detector research, Monte Carlo programs, for commercial applications. The contracts which he performed included criticality safety, the design of a pallet industrial irradiator and internal dosimetry modeling. In 2000, he moved over to full time consulting work and he has been regularly performing work for defense clients, radiation protection and health physics departments and industrial irradiator manufacturers.

His areas of expertise include: detector and survey instrument development, high power radiation effects simulations, internal and external dosimetry. He is the author of 35 published articles in major radiation technology journals and textbooks.


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