Services Offered by Detec


Custom Software Development and Computer Modeling

Our parallel computing facilities at Detec allow us to run detailed radiation transport simulations. These simulations have been used to optimize detector designs, assist in dosimetry measurements, calculated dose deliver profiles, and much more.


Custom Detector Design

Detec staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience in detector design and development. We have undertaken projects with clients both national and international. Through these projects we have developed products which suit the unique needs of our clients.


Regulatory Advice

Since its founding in 1994 Detec has maintain a close relationship with Canadian and international nuclear regulator bodies. This has allowed Detec to keep up to date on all regulatory issues. Our friendly informed staff can assist you with any regulatory issues. 


Radiation Site Surveys

The conducting of radiation surveys at a facility maybe require for a number of reasons, compliance with insurance contracts, locate potential leaks, ensuring conformity with licensing agreements, and many others. The highly trained radiation protection professionals at Detec have over 20 years of experience conducting such surveys.

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