Radiation Detection Products

Nested Neutron Spectrometer

The NNS is an efficient, accurate, and convenient single unit system for measuring neutron fluence spectra in nuclear power plants, accelerator facilities, and research laboratories. This system is designed to detect neutrons ranging between 25 meV up to 20 MeV.

Hot Particle Dosimetry System

The Hot Particle Dosimetry System (HPDS) is a user friendly instrument for the determination of skin dose received from a hot particle of unknown radionuclide composition. The fully automated HPDS delivers quick, accurate, on site measurements of skin dose which conform to standard definitions for hot particle dosimetry.




MicroDose 2.2

MicroDose 2.2 is a MS-Windows application for the acquisition and real time analysis of dosimetric data acquired with a Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) interfaced with MCA cards which are installed in a PC.

 Activity Calculator

The Activity Calculator software greatly assists in radiation protection and remediation efforts when dealing with unknown sources of radioactive contamination. The application eliminates the need to do lengthy calculations when determining the absolute activity of multiple radionuclides present in a source of contamination.



Products by Detec Europe


Scintillation Materials

Detec's sister company, Detec Europe, offers a wide range of high quality scintillation materials. They offer both organic and inorganic materials in wide range of geometries, and can ship worldwide. Follow the link above or click on the image to see the full catalog of scintillators.


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